LB17 “The All in One Live Probiotic”

Why walk out of the health shop with a bag full of probiotics when you can get it all in one handy, easy to swallow capsule? As the name suggests, LB17 is a highly concentrated multi-strain probiotic that contains a whopping 17 strains of live bacterium (possibly the largest amount in any multi-strain probiotic on […]

Acidophilus Pearls. Triple coated for optimum protection

Every probiotic product seems to have something different to offer, and acidophilus pearls are no exception. The manufacturer claims to use a proprietary patent protected method called True Delivery Technology, which delivers this dual strain probiotic in a seamless capsule. Instead of a single protective coating, Acidophilus Pearls have a triple layer coating in which […]

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics 12 plus

Who is Dr Ohhira? Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira is a well renowned Japanese microbiologist who created, through a breeding program, a special strain of lactic acid bacteria, known as E. faecalis TH10. Being 6.25 times more potent than any other strain of lactic acid bacteria, it’s a powerful addition to an already potent mix of multi-strain […]