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Ireland Articles

The Irish Talent for Singing Knows Some Bounds

For many years I had always thought that every Irish person could sing. In all my years of travelling in Ireland I had constantly been amazed by the prolific amount of hidden talent in this country. However, one night I was proved to be very wrong indeed.

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Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains, County Waterford, Ireland.
Ireland Articles

A Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains

If I told you there was a section of road in Ireland where, if you park at the bottom of a small hill and release the brake, you will roll back up the hill, would you believe me? Well, when I first heard of such a thing I didn’t believe it either. This one was up north of Dundalk, and upon further investigation I found it to be true. So when I heard there was one down south, I just had to see it.

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Sean Og the leprechaun in O hare pub in Carlingford. County Louth, Ireland.

The Tale of the Wily Leprechaun

In the northeast corner of County Louth in Ireland lies the small and incredibly beautiful Cooley Peninsula. But as well its incredible beauty, it is also home to one wily little leprechaun.

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