The Hill of Tara – The Boyne Valley in Ireland Part 1

Iron age rath at the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland. Tara was once the ancient capital of Ireland, from where the high king ruled over the country. The upright stone you see on the mound is the Lia Fail (stone of destiny). According to Celtic legend the Lia Fail was used during the coronation of the high king, and was believe to emit a roar when the true high king touched it. (I tried but there was no sound, so I crossed being high king of Ireland off my list of potential destinies).

The Hill of Tara At first glance the Hill of Tara may seem like a rather non-de script place. Many tourists visit every year and possibly scratch their heads in wonder as to the significance of the place. To the unknowing eye it may just seem like the location for yet another collection of Iron […]

The Ice Saints Cometh in full force this year in Slovenia

Mountain peak, Kamnik Alps, Slovenia.

It’s the time of the Ice Saints, and in Slovenia this year Ledeni Možje have brought with them the coldest period in May for 15 years, and as I sit here now writing this, Polulana Zofka is truly pissing herself. Confused? Let me explain.

In Search of Nessie

The legend of the Loch Ness monster is one that has fascinated scientists and tourists for centuries. I was no different, so I went in search of nessie.

The Tale of the Wily Leprechaun

Sean Og the leprechaun in O hare pub in Carlingford. County Louth, Ireland.

In the northeast corner of County Louth in Ireland lies the small and incredibly beautiful Cooley Peninsula. But as well its incredible beauty, it is also home to one wily little leprechaun.

Halloween it’s NOT American!

Halloween - pumpkin lantern

Halloween, it’s NOT American Many people, it seems, think that Halloween is an American celebration. Over here in Slovenia, where I am currently living, when I ask people if they are doing anything for Halloween, they often reply that it’s a silly American thing. So, let me set the record straight. Halloween is actually Irish. […]

The Legend of How Lake Bled was made.

Morning at Lake Bled and the island church of the assumption of Mary with the Karavanke mountains in the background, Slovenia.

The Legend of Lake Bled View across the beautiful Lake Bled, island church of the assumption of Mary, and hilltop castle, all topped off with the crescent of the waning moon at dawn, Slovenia. The beautiful lake Bled with its island church in the middle. lies in northern Slovenia. It’s a magical place, like something […]

Giants and a Dwarf in Bohinj

Kozolez (hay rack) in a field with Rudnica Hill in the background, Stara Fužina, Bohinj, Slovenia.

The Bohinj valley is so big and vast that once there was room for giants to roam. And many thousands of years ago they did just that.

Sligo Salting Monday

In Sligo the first Monday in lent was called Salting Monday – unmarried women would be salted to preserve them.