Ian Middleton

Writer - Photographer - Teacher

Content creator - web Design - SEO

Writer – Photographer – Teacher

Ian Middleton

Articles – Books – Photos – Travel – Teaching – SEO – Web design

Ian Middleton writer and photographer


Read my articles old and new here. My blog consists of travel, photography and other topics, including some old magazine articles.


I am the author of several books, including one photography book, a travel guide and several travelogues.

Content writing

SEO website content and articles, copywriting, product descriptions, magazine articles, blogs & more…


20 years as a professional photographer has resulted in a library of stock photos for licensing and artistic images for sale as fine art photographic prints.


Looking to learn photography? I offer one to one training and workshops online or on a dedicated workshop in both the UK and Slovenia.

LEarn English

Learn English with an Englishman. For many years now I have been teaching English as a second language. What better way to learn than with a native speaker?

Glass blowing at Rogaska Crystal
Glass blowing at Rogaska Crystal

Ian Middleton

A diverse set of skills -
glass blowing not one of them!

Welcome to my website and blog. It’s a fun, eco-friendly site made entirely from recycled computers.

Here you will find lots of interesting articles mostly on travel but also news, travel info and tips. Plus other articles on various topics.

I am a writer; primarily travel and photography. However, I also cover other topics and do a lot of SEO content and copywriting. I have authored several books and co-authored one fascinating travel/history guide to Ireland.

My articles have been published in numerous blogs and magazines such as, Landscape Photography Mag, Wex Photo Blog and Adria Inspirations.

I am also a travel & landscape photographer and teacher of English and Photography.


Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains, County Waterford, Ireland.

A Magic Road in the Comeragh Mountains

If I told you there was a section of road in Ireland where, if you park at the bottom of a small hill and release the brake, you will roll back up the hill, would you believe me? Well, when I first heard of such a thing I didn’t believe it either. This one was up north of Dundalk, and upon further investigation I found it to be true. So when I heard there was one down south, I just had to see it.

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