PC Doctor

The PC Doctor welcomes you to his clinic

The PC doctor provides a range of services from home to small office setup, repair and servicing and am also able to carry out some repairs remotely via the Internet.


  • Service, repairs and upgrades
  • Custom built PCs
  • Software and hardware installations
  • Home and small office network setup
  • Wireless network and internet setup
  • Wireless and LAN security
  • NTFS security
  • Remote PC repair
  • Home PC installation and setup
  • Data recovery
  • Website Design

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*Wireless theft is just like stealing your computer*

If your wireless network is not secured then someone could be stealing your internet connection or attacking your computer.

Get your wireless secured now

If you don't have wireless but would like it installed, then get in touch. I can help


*Network security*

Is your network secure? Are you taking advantage of Microsoft's NTFS file system? NTFS allows for file and folder level security, meaning you can control exactly who has access to files and folders on the local system and over the network. PC doctor can set this up for you or train a member of staff to administer it for you.


Service and upgrades

Slow and sluggish PCs are usually the
the result of lack of maintenance. A PC is just like your car, it needs regular tuning and servicing.

It could also be that you are trying to run more than the machine can cope with, but the answer may not be a new PC, but simply an upgrade of the existing one.

Remote repair service

If your PC is having problems but you still have access to the Internet, fear not because with today's technology it's possible for the doc to control your computer remotely using the latest software that you can download for free.


PC Doctor recommends Skype.

Skype is a free internet telephone service where you can talk to other Skype users for free, or make cheap telephone calls to anywhere in the world to either a landline or a mobile. It's ideal for home users and businesses who can save a fortune on long distance and conference calls. Skype also supports video conferencing and many other features. Click the link to the left to download and start using Skype.

The doc offers a Skype installation, setup and training service for those who don't know how or don't feel confident enough to download and setup the software. This can be done remotely or at your home.

(Please note that I am not selling the Skype software. Skype is a free service and the software is free. I am simply offering a service to download and install Skype for people who do not know how.)

 IT companies:
 If you are an IT company looking for a freelance contractor to help on projects then please click here to download my CV
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